Annual Bird Treatment Camp


Bleeding wings, high heart rate and Manjha entangled all over! This is what Jaipur witnesses every January morning when it comes to thousands of birds getting injured during Makar Sakranti. This traditional festivity proves fatal for thousands of innocent flying creatures that get injured by Glass-Coated threads that cut and entangle to cause fractures, wing cuts and nerve injuries and even glass pieces embedded in their bodies. With more kites competing for space with birds, the number of injuries has risen over the years. What makes matter worse is that people continue to use dangerous strings, totally disregarding the harm they cause to the birds.

Hope and Beyond in association with EWCS organized Free Bird Treatment Camp at the Jawahar Nagar and Vidyadhar Nagar from 14th – 17th Jan 2016 for the injured birds. We are involved in on-the-spot first aid by rescuers to intensive surgeries by trained veterinarians at the camps. Rehabilitation and release of common as well as wild birds will be followed.