Project Koshish

“KOSHISH” your small action can make a big difference

‘Charity begins at home’, this very famous saying had inspired Hope and Beyond to start a small initiative to bring a smile on people’s faces. Our goal is to go the extra mile and make someone happy by being there when they need a helping the most.

Every little effort, be it in the form of a hand shake, a loving hug, free nutrition, education, cloths, shoes, a bottle of water, etc; brings heavenly satisfaction to our souls. When we look into the eyes of the needy gazing into sheer nothingness and give them a ray of hope by holding their hand in times of need or grief, we contemplate within ourselves,

What if I was in their situation? Therefore we have dedicated our service to make the people around us smile irrespective of their background, religion, cast and creed.

In the year 2015 we supported one girl child in her education by providing her school fee, books and transportation.

In the year 2016 we are supporting two girl child. Both girls are from Bhil tribe and we believe in providing best education to the girls, thus both girls are admitted in one of the best English medium school of Jaipur city and we are providing scholarship for their school fee, transportation, books and uniform.

Let our motto be “OTHERS”, not “US”!!!!!!