Wildlife Rescues

With the fragmentation and destruction of forests, and expansion of cities in that land, wild animals often find themselves straying inside the city and sometimes this causes alarm amongst residents especially if the species are animals like snakes.

Team Hope and Beyond is involved in rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals that occasionally stray in the city. Often with collaborative efforts with the Rajasthan Forest Department, other NGOs (Wildlife Trust of India, IFAW)

The species we have rescued range from large mammals like the Blue Bull to reptiles like Spectacled Cobra, Rat Snake, Saw Scaled Viper, Black headed royal snake. We have also rescued several birds and rewilded them.

We also provide medical attention to hurt and injured animals (we get several of injured birds during kite flying festivals and injured snakes as well)

If you know of a wild animal that has strayed into complexes or buildings near you, or any hurt of injured animal, please get in touch with Hope and Beyond rescue team at the following phone number: 8239939929