From Being to Living

Hope and Beyond is a NGO in Jaipur or social organisation in Jaipur that is committed to conserving wildlife as well as the habitat they rely on throughout India.

Our mission is to provide greater insight and appreciation of the natural world and the ways to protect it. We aim to learn, educate, conserve, and change the future. We focus on issues of urgent concerns like humanitarian and social development, wildlife conservation, as well as environmental restoration.

Through various programs and activities, we try to make people realise that we need to stop destroying our surroundings and ecosystems on which we all are dependent. We as humans need to share our planet with other creatures that live on it, but the sad fact is we are the main reason behind the extinction and disappearance of many species.

Hence, our motive is to create a future in which all kinds of species live together in harmony without any fear or threat.

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Meet our Team

It was a group of likeminded professionals who came together with the idea of giving their best to work for holistic community development. Hope and Beyond is the brain child of this group of entrepreneurs and has since been their main focus area. Hope and Beyond is a multi faceted organization that has committed itself to uplift the downtrodden, conserve the environment and bring about overall development in the society. We focus on individual and corporate level growth and strengthening necessary establishments. Our committed team works non-stop to fulfill its dream and encourage others to join hands in this noble cause. Our selfless efforts have carried forward this dream so far and we pledge to do so even in the future.

Board of Advisory

Dr. Reena Mathur

Professor, Zoology

Dr, Sarina Kalia

Professor, Geography

Dr. Shilpi Rijhwani

Associate Professor, Botany

Mr. Naresh Sharma

Deputy Conservator of Forest

Mr. Ravi Shastri


Mr. Jitendra Dixit

Director, Geoinformatics

Mr. Vivek Sharma


Mr. Arbaz Ahemad

Senior Journalist

Board of Trustees

Dr. Joy Gardner

Chairman and Founder

Mr. Samuel H. Lal


Ms. Joyce Theodore


Mr. Rajesh Jakhar

Vice President

Mr. Rajnish Das


Mr. Amit Kanungo


Mr. Sarthak MIshra

Joint Secretary

The team responsible to make us one of the best Wildlife NGO in Jaipur, Rajasthan India

Executive Committee

Deepanjali Gardner

Director, Operations

Samson Theodore

Director, Training

Nakul Parihar


Annie Theodore

Director, Delhi Chapter

Vijay Jangid

Head, Wild Rescues

Naresh Meena


Satguru Das

Head, IT Tech

Dinakar Jacob

Head Media