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Hope and Beyond is a social organization that is committed to conserving wildlife  and is famous as Wildlife NGO in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Our mission is to provide greater insight and appreciation of the natural world and the ways to protect it. 

We help to provide a haven to all animals in the wilderness. We have a team of committed, trained, and empathetic volunteers who excel in handling and rescuing reptiles and animals of feline, canine and avian family. Hope and Beyond strives to inculcate sensitivity about the importance of wildlife fauna among masses, especially the youth, by organising awareness programs, seminars, and symposiums.

Our team of volunteers and doctors also assist animals in distress by going on rescues at any hour of the day and treating them till they are fit to be released back to the wild.

Foundation of Hope by Rev. Samuel H. Lal, Secretary, Hope and Beyond

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Bottle & Glass
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Polyethene and Other Garbage
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Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a forest area in the middle of India’s pink city Jaipur. It’s a small sanctuary of 52 sq km with three major tourism forts in it because of which people infiltrate the sanctuary and treat it like a garbage bin. Presence of plastic, paper and small glasses of beer bottles are very common in maximum parts of the sanctuary. As per Rajasthan Forest Department there are more than 15 Leopards with Indian Striped Hyena, Jackal, Porcupine, Pangolin, Wolf, Sambhar Deer, Asian Palm Civet, Mongoose, Hanuman Langoor and more than 150 species of birds including vultures reside in this sanctuary area. This pollution is not only injuring the wild animals but also reducing the fertility of the soil and destroying the lungs of Jaipur city. 

Human interference in the Natural Habitat of wild animals is increasing regularly in the sanctuary and on the name of “Right of Way” more public is infiltrating in the protected area. This pollution is not at all good for wild animals as sometimes they eat these polythene and there are some casualty cases too. The glass of bottles can injure any wild animal and if unnoticed it can prove fatal for the innocent animal who was not aware of such pollution in its Home.


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Hope and Beyond is now a Organizational Partner for IUCN Nature for All! Our organization’s logo and a brief description is also added on their website.


#NatureForAll brings together a diverse coalition of partners to collaborate, scale up actions, and broaden their reach to engage people from all walks of life to experience, connect with, and take action for nature. #NatureForAll, a joint Task Force of the IUCN WCPA and CEC. was formally launched at the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress.

The movement aims to foster enabling environments to reduce barriers and connect people with nature in different ecosystems, regions, contexts and realities. Through partnership, we share knowledge, strategies, approaches, and actions – amplifying our collective reach and impact to engage people from all walks of life to fall in love with and act for nature.

Feed the needy

Team Hope is feeding 200 humans and 700 animals daily during this lockdown. Kindly join us for the cause of saving lives and making this Earth a better place to live.

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Make an Impact

Hope and Beyond have committed itself to make the world a better place to live in by mitigating the conflict which surfaces from time to time between humans and wildlife. It strives tirelessly to set this balance right by indulging in timely intervention whereby the said conflict may be taken care of. The aim above of the Organisation gets materialized by the untiring, sincere, and honest efforts of its team of ever-enthusiastic rescuers and veterinary staff.

“Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute.”Proverb 31:8

On behalf of Hope and Beyond, I appeal for your continuous generous support for our administrative functioning as well as for the various projects going on presently in unison with our objectives. Your kind donation will encourage our team to keep pursuing our goals with vigor and zest. We are working as wildlife NGO in Jaipur Rajasthan from 5 years. and look forward for your support.

Mr. Rajnish Das  (Treasurer)

Featured Project

Project Pardus Conservation

Indian leopard (Panthera pardus fusca) is considered as the wittiest of all big cats in nature. Indian leopard has maintained its position at the top of the food chain in several forest areas of India. In Rajasthan, Indian leopard is facing many threats due to the ill effects of climate change along with anthropogenic activities. In the Jaipur forest area which spans 948.68 sq km., the existence of the leopard is under constant threat due to ever increasing leopard population and ever decreasing habitat and space. Humans have carved roads through the forests and there is frequent thoroughfare including light and heavy traffic. There are temples inside forest areas that are regularly visited by people. The more humans encroach the serene beauty of wildlife, the more are the impacts on wild animal behaviour. Due to this disturbance in the forest, leopards have started moving out of their safe zones and into the areas of human settlements. Many villages located in the fringe zones have a constant encounter with leopards which come out of the forest area either in search of easy food or due to retaliation following habitat destruction by villagers. Many incidents of leopard attacks on cattle, small domestic mammals and even humans have alerted the public and government about the gravity of the situation. We tried many mitigation techniques to control this human leopard conflict near Jaipur forest area.  This project deals with various mitigation techniques and safety measures followed by scientific management of human leopard conflict in the future.

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Team Hope or wilflife NGO from Jaipur participated in CMS, CoP-13 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat in Feb, 2020. We gave a presentation in stakeholder’s session and organized a side event in association with Wildlife Trust of India and Rajasthan Forest department.

Team Hope or wildlife NGO Jaipur along with Rajasthan Forest department, Wildlife Trust of India and HCL Foundation saved more than 600 birds during Sambhar Bird Incident occurred in November 2019. where 22000 birds died due to Avian Botulism.

Need of a wildlife NGO in Jaipur

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”― Mahatma Gandhi India is a ‘Third World Country’ which faces a number of problems like illiteracy, population explosion, poverty, gender inequality, etc., out of which poverty is a major concern in the country. Due to poverty, the living standards are low, or to rightly say; there is no standard at all. It is a pity how some people live only to merely survive and finally succumb to death. It is a well evident fact that many times the old and sick are abandoned and forced to live a life of destitute. In the above-described scenario, when a man is not being looked after or cared for well by his family as well as the society, one can only imagine the condition of the animals. Animals are bought, kept, and tamed by the elites as a sign of social prestige. There is no true love for animals as such. They are not considered as living beings. Despite various animal protection laws, thousands of animals in India suffer severe abuse or neglect. Issues like poverty, superstitions, pollution, overpopulation as well as ignorance have led to the miserable conditions of animals in India. Looking at the pathetic state of animals in the country, it is all the more important to support the NGOs that work for animal welfare and rights wholeheartedly. As quoted by Marie Sarantakis, “If you don't like pictures of animal cruelty and abuse being posted on social media, you need to help stop the cruelty, not the pictures. You should be bothered that it's happening, not that you saw it”. With great power comes great responsibility”. Unfortunately, man has used his power to exploit and abuse animals rather than being a friend to them. Hence, we all need to contribute and ensure that animal abuse ceases to exist, and therefore, the existence of NGOs becomes of paramount importance.

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wildlife rescue jaipur rajasthan

24 x 7 Snake Helpline

Hope and Beyond is a wildlife conservation NGO based in Jaipur. Pink city Jaipur is witnessing encounters of local residents with snakes regularly. This has become a matter of top concern and conservation of snakes has been undertaken scientifically by our team. Snakes are important for our ecosystem as they serve as a natural pest controller, hence it becomes even more important to create and spread awareness about this beautiful reptile. It is a well-known fact that snakes intimidate humans. We therefore want people to understand that not all snakes are venomous and that even a venomous snake will not attack humans unless it feels threatened. Snakes have been demonized by humans and when a person encounters a snake their immediate reaction is to kill it. Human- Snake Conflict is the most common conflict in our country because of human encroachment into forests and urbanization.

Our snake rescue team has been trained by professional snake rescuers and they are fully equipped with the necessary tools and rescue kit for any kind of snake rescue. Our organization runs a 24×7 helpline number and our rescuers are very dedicated to take calls on a regular basis. The helpline is handled by a volunteer who identifies the snake type and assesses the situation before the rescuer reaches the rescue site. There is a need to convince the caller not to harm or kill the snake and keep a constant watch for any disturbance in the situation till our rescuer arrives. A snake is only rescued if it has entered inside a building or if it poses a threat to a person or vice versa. Venomous snakes such as cobras are always rescued because people usually kill it even before calling for a rescue. Cobras can be identified easily by any person calling on the phone. Our rescuers also make people aware of snakes and snake myths after the rescue is done. Snakes are very important for our ecosystem and they also help control the rodent pest population by feeding on them. They maintain a balance in the food web and keep our delicate ecosystems healthy.

Even though many cultures around the world worship snakes, many snake species are under the threat of extinction due to the increased Human-Snake Conflict. According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, 12% of snake species are listed as threatened. India is one such country where a festival like ‘Nag-Panchami’ is celebrated and where people believe in various snake myths that are not scientifically true. Humans need to learn how to co-exist with wildlife and need to stop killing it before it’s too late.

Hope and Beyond is a wildlife NGO in Jaipur. Activities are taken place across the country, Lets contribute.

Rajasthan Rescuers Federation

The Rajasthan Rescuers Federation was set up by Hope and Beyond in 2017 as 17 snake rescuers lost their lives in Maharashtra in a short span of 2 to 3 years while rescuing.


Wildlife is a God-given gift to this world. In order to maintain a proper ecological balance on our planet, all living beings, including animals and plants, should be given equal importance.

Wildlife Census

Wildlife census is one of the most important parts of wildlife conservation. It is the counting of various species living in a particular habitat or area at a given time.

Become a Volunteer

Journey to the wildlife is amazing, adventurous and it really need you time and attention. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers of different domain who can join us and jointly build a better earth for animals.

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