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Common Snakes of Rajasthan

Russell's Viper

Daboia russelii

Russell’s Viper

Scientific Name: Daboia russelii

Venom: Highly venomous (Hemotoxic)

Russell’s viper belongs to the species of highly venomous snakes of Viperidae family, the family consisting of all venomous old world vipers and pit vipers. It is distributed in whole of Indian subcontinent. Its maximum length can be up to 5.5 ft, averaging around 4 ft.

Saw Scaled Viper

Scientific name: Echis carinatus

Venom: Venomous (Hemotoxic)

This snake is a species of highly venomous vipers, mainly found in Indian subcontinent except northeast states. It’s size ranges between 1-2ft. inclusive of the body and tail.

Saw Scaled Viper

Echis carinatus

Sochurek's Saw Scaled Viper

Echis carinatus sochureki

Sochurek's Saw Scaled Viper

Scientific name: Echis carinatus sochureki

Venom: Venomous (Hemotoxic)

Also known as Eastern Saw Scaled Viper. The subspecies name sochureki is given in honor of Australian herpetologist Erich Sochurek. It is found in Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Iran and Afganistan.

Sind Krait

Scientific name: Bungarus Sindanus

Venom: Highly venomous (Neurotoxic)

Bungarus Sindanus is a species of krait. It is a venomous elapid snake found from western India to Afganistan. Its length ranges between 2-5ft in general.

Sind Krait

Bungarus sindanus

Common Krait

Bungarus caeruleus

Common Krait

Scientific name: Bungarus Caeruleus

Venom: Highly venomous (Neurotoxic)

Commonly termed as the Indian krait or the Blue Krait, it is a species of venomous snake of the Bungarus genus, found in most of Indian subcontinent. Its length ranges from 2-4ft in general.

Spectacled Cobra

Scientific name: Naja naja

Venom: Highly venomous (Neurotoxic)

It’s length, on average ranges between 3-5 5.5 ft. It is widely distributed in Indian subcontinent.

Spectacled Cobra

Naja naja

Red Sand Boa

Eryx johnii

Common Sand Boa

Eryx conicus

Indian Rock Python

Python molurus

Rat Snake

Ptyas mucosa

Common Cat Snake

Boiga trigonata

Black Headed Royal Snake

Spalerosophis atriceps

Common Trinket

Coelognathus helena

Striped Keelback

Amphiesma stolata

Streaked Kukri

Oligodon taeniolatus

Northern Kukri

Oligodon russelius

Common Wolf Snake

Lycodon aulicus

Checkered Keelback

Fowlea piscator

Indian Egg Eater

Elachistodon westermanni

Green Keelback

Rhabdophis plumbicolor

Barred Wolf Snake

Lycodon striatus 

Green Vine Snake

Ahaetulla nasuta

Forsten's Cat Snake

Boiga forsteni

Common Bronzeback Tree Snake

Dendrelaphis tristis

Banded Racer

Platyceps plinii

Dumeril’s Black-headed

Sibynophis subpunctatus

Leith's Sand Snake

Psammophis leithii

Glossy Bellied Racer

Platyceps ventromaculatus

Beaked Worm Snake

Grypotyphlops acutus

Brahmini Worm Snake

Indotyphlops braminus 

Siebold's Water Snake

Ferania sieboldi

Red Spotted Royal Snake

Spalerosophis arenarius

V-Collared Trinket

Coelognathus helena nigriangularis

Afro-Asian Sand Snake

Psammophis schokari

Günther’s Racer

Platyceps gracilis

Sind Awl-headed

Lytorhynchus paradoxus

Laudankia Vine Snake

Ahaetulla laudankia

Montane Trinket

C. h. monticollaris

Tillack's Kukri

Oligodon tillacki

Slender Worm Snake

I. porrectus

Sind Thread Snake

Myriopholis blanfordi

Beaked Thread Snake

M. macrorhyncha