Project Pardus

The leopard is an important animal in the ecosystem of Jaipur forest area. It occupies the highest tropic level. The main problem arising for the survival of the leopards in Jaipur forest area is the illegal/legal encroachment by humans in the fringe area of the forest. Leopards are a highly adaptable species capable of living outside natural forests. Information from leopards that have been translocated in Africa indicates that they can move large distances (~100 km), leave the site of release and face increased mortality following translocation. Due to increasing development of human settlements near the forest area, this magnificent carnivore has started moving out of the forest and has been sighted frequently in and around the villages of the forest. It is the need of the hour to make people aware of the gravity of this issue and find out gaps in management strategies as well as mitigation techniques, so that humans and wildlife can live in harmony and not disturb the balance of nature. Certain monitoring protocols have to be devised in order to mitigate this problem. Thus Team Hope in collaboration with Wildlife Trust of India and David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation started Project Pardus Conservation to save this magnificent mammal.